Knowledge and Space

1. Gravesend is up on Barnes & Noble (w/ cover art finally but no product details).

2. It should be at Square Books soon.

3. It’s up on Powell’s but they’re currently listing it as a geography book that’s part of a series called “Knowledge & Space” – Trying to get that taken care of now.

4. Disregard Amazon’s claim that it’s not shipping for 3-5 weeks. That’s bullshit.

5. Amazon also keeps trying to list it as a geography book. Yesterday it ranked #19 out of all the geography books on Amazon! A couple of days ago it was listed as part of that same mysterious “Knowledge & Space” series. Got that fixed. Today they listed two editors – Peter Meusburger & David N. Livingstone – who are responsible for the “Knowledge & Space” books.

6. Also on Indiebound, where it’s listed as a geography book and Meusburger & Livingstone get more credit.


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