All the Bulleit Rye is Not Pictured

Lifting one with Jack Pendarvis and Megan Abbott at City Grocery last night in celebration of Gravesend coming out. Photo by Megan Abbott.

CGpicOn the balcony at City Grocery with Ace Atkins, Megan Abbott, Jack Pendarvis, and Theresa Starkey Pendarvis. Jack wrote about it on his blog.


All the Bulleit Rye is Not Pictured


Knowledge and Space

1. Gravesend is up on Barnes & Noble (w/ cover art finally but no product details).

2. It should be at Square Books soon.

3. It’s up on Powell’s but they’re currently listing it as a geography book that’s part of a series called “Knowledge & Space” – Trying to get that taken care of now.

4. Disregard Amazon’s claim that it’s not shipping for 3-5 weeks. That’s bullshit.

5. Amazon also keeps trying to list it as a geography book. Yesterday it ranked #19 out of all the geography books on Amazon! A couple of days ago it was listed as part of that same mysterious “Knowledge & Space” series. Got that fixed. Today they listed two editors – Peter Meusburger & David N. Livingstone – who are responsible for the “Knowledge & Space” books.

6. Also on Indiebound, where it’s listed as a geography book and Meusburger & Livingstone get more credit.



Gravesend is available on Amazon. It’s also available on Barnes & Noble (without cover art or a product description yet, sorry). I’m hoping to be able to point people in the direction of some indie bookstores that are carrying it soon. (It’ll most certainly be at Square Books here in Oxford, MS in the next couple of weeks.)

I’m also running a giveaway on Goodreads. Enter below for a chance to win a copy.

And Fiction Writers Review, where Gravesend is the Book of the Week pick, is giving away three copies. Simply follow them on Twitter (@fictionwriters) for a chance to win one.

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Gravesend by William Boyle


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