Man. Shit. I haven’t updated this site in a long time. Have a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting to post here since March; I hope I remember it all. A couple of other things first: I’m reading at TurnRow Books in Greenwood, MS before a presentation of David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross on 8/13 at 6:45 p.m. I’ll also be on the Short Stories Panel at the Mississippi Book Festival in Jackson, MS on 8/22.

1. Back in March, my second book, a short story collection called Death Don’t Have No Mercy, came out. Megan Abbott, hero and pal, had these kind things to say about it:









2. I did the Book Talk podcast with Stephen Usery in Memphis. Listen here.

3. David Bowles said some swell things about Death Don’t Have No Mercy and Broken River Books over at The Monitor. He thought the stories were “evocative of James Cain,” which means a hell of a lot to me.

4. Rob Hart, who just put out a terrific debut novel called New Yorked, made a list of Five Great Books About New York City and included Gravesend. It lifted my heart to see my book up there on The Daily Beast with books by some of my heroes.

5. For a minute there, back at the end of April, I somehow had the top-selling book in Mississippi according to The Clarion-Ledger. I’m not sure how it’s even possible, but it’s the only time I’ll ever see my name at the top of a list like this, so I’ll take it.









6. Here’s Death Don’t Have No Mercy on Jack Pendarvis’s recommendation shelf at Square Books.









7. Noir at the Bar Oxford 2 was a big success. Seems like a long damn time ago already. I have some photos from the event, more than last time anyway. I won’t post them here, but they’re on my Instagram if you want to check them out. Great night.

8. Some kind words about Gravesend from Philip David Alexander, author of Peacefield, over at Goodreads: “This is a dark gem of a book that will more than satisfy fans of David Goodis, George V. Higgins, Richard Price and Daniel Woodrell.” Full review here.

9. I was home in Brooklyn for a couple of weeks and took a lot of pictures. Most are up on my Instagram page. Here are a couple I didn’t post there. This train platform is the D station at 25th Avenue in my neighborhood, where the last scene in Gravesend takes place.



10. Here’s a picture of me, Tom Franklin, and Ace Atkins celebrating the publication of Ace’s great new Quinn Colson novel, The Redeemers, on the balcony at City Grocery last week. Pick up a signed copy here. Photo credit: Milly Moorhead West.



Noir at the Bar Oxford 2

Noir at the Bar Oxford 2 is going down at Proud Larry’s on Wednesday, 5/6 at 9 pm. Such a killer lineup. Gonna be fun. If you live within ten hours of Oxford, you have no goddamn excuse not to be here for it.


Also, check out the new Broken River Books site. You can order Gravesend and Death Don’t Have No Mercy and other Broken River/Ladybox/King Shot titles directly from here.


Doom Rules the Mood

My new book, Death Don’t Have No Mercy, is out today. Eight stories about broken men making bad decisions. Stories about doom and despair and death. A lot of dark comedy but not your thing if you like “characters you can root for” or “good people who help each other out.” You can buy it on Amazon now. When you’re buying that jug of wolf urine you need or some tampon flasks for the big game, throw it in your cart. The 2-3 week shipping thing is likely bullshit; it’s available. Should be coming to Kindle soon. Should be available through other channels in the next few days.

Also, my pal Bobby interviewed me for Nerve.com about the book and booze and what music I’m listening to. Thanks, Bobby.

Last thing for now: the book is up on Goodreads, and I’m doing a giveaway that ends May 4th.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Death Don't Have No Mercy by William Boyle

Death Don’t Have No Mercy

by William Boyle

Giveaway ends May 04, 2015.

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My new book, a story collection called Death Don’t Have No Mercy, comes out in March from Broken River Books. There’s a Kickstarter (already fully funded and into stretch goal territory now) that serves as a way of pre-ordering it and the other great books being released by Broken River, King Shot, and Ladybox. Dead End Follies gives you ten reasons to back the Kickstarter here–My book is one of them, and I’m really grateful for that.

Here’s a picture of the printed PDF galley:


And here’s Matthew Revert’s brilliant cover art:




All You Folks in Heaven Not Too Busy Ringing the Bell

An incredible oral history of Jason Molina’s masterpiece, The Magnolia Electric Co. My favorite record ever. If you haven’t heard it, please go buy it right now. Here’s my Rumpus essay on the album from right after Molina passed away.

Other big Molina news: Didn’t It Rain is being reissued later this year. I was twenty-three, living in Austin, when I found it at 33 Degrees. It was my first Molina, and it changed things for me. I’d never heard an album that sounded so much like the way I felt. Can’t wait for this. 

Other stuff:

If you’re into e-books and against Amazon, you can now get Gravesend and other Broken River titles here.

My So-Called Life first aired twenty years ago this week. I was fifteen, a week away from being sixteen. I watched that first episode and never missed one the whole run. Taped them on VHS without commercials. I had Claire Danes’s picture up in my locker all junior year. One time my friend told me he was taking me to a party in the city and that she’d be there. I was heartbroken when it turned out to be bullshit. I still cry when I hear that goddamn Buffalo Tom song. I still have Sonnet 130 memorized. This is a good essay revisiting the show.

The entirety of the The Basement Tapes is being released soon.

Scorsese. The Ramones. Yes.

David Lynch does the Ice Bucket thing. Genius.

Here’s an essay I published in Trop back in February about Yusuf Hawkins, who was killed 25 years ago this past Saturday. All this time and the same shit keeps happening over and over in one form or another.