My Favorite Songs of 2014

List-making is a victimless crime. Forgive me my transgressions.

My favorite songs of 2014:
15. “Eyes to the Wind,” The War on Drugs
14. “Mahogany Dread,” Hiss Golden Messenger
13. “I Won’t Come Back Again,” Jim Mize
12. “Do It For Johnny,” Tyler Keith
11. “Stateline,” The Delines
10. “Dirty Cigarettes,” Beach Slang
9. “Tarifa,” Sharon Van Etten
8. “Windows,” Angel Olsen
7. “My Wrecking Ball,” Ryan Adams
6. “Head,” Lydia Loveless
5. “The Promise,” Sturgill Simpson
4. “My Little Man” and “Razor of Love,” Sean Rowe
3. “Swannanoa,” Water Liars
2. “JM,” Strand of Oaks
1. “Dogs,” Sun Kil Moon


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