Bad Luck City

Here’s a Death Don’t Have No Mercy playlist I made for the Book Notes Series on Largehearted Boy. Always one of my favorite things to check out and to do. I started making notes for my Gravesend playlist the day I started the book. No shit. Same thing with the novel I recently finished. This collection was a little different because I wrote these stories over eight years and there were a wide range of musical influences and phases of listening.  I also mention a bunch of songs specifically, especially in the earlier stories, so it was impossible to get to everything. Instead, I aimed for some balance between songs that impacted the creation of the stories, songs that appear in the stories, and songs that match the tone of what I’m trying to do. My great hope in making a playlist is that folks will find something they’ve never heard before and go buy records; I really hope I can be responsible for someone picking up Tyler Keith’s Alias Kid Twist or the latest Jim Mize.


Mixtape for the Doomed

I made a playlist for my novel Gravesend and it’s up at Largehearted Boy, my favorite site around. I love the Book Notes series, and I’m really honored to be included.

Also, I’ve got a story in the new issue of Needle: A Magazine of Noir, available 4/15.


And damn sad news the last couple of days. RIP Jesse Winchester and Peter Matthiessen.

Matthiessen’s Paris Review interview.

Currently listening to: Jesse Winchester, s/t; Reigning Sound, Live at Goner Records; Rachel’s, Music for Egon Schiele; The Afghan Whigs, Do the Beast; Mirah, Changing Light.

Watching: Caught up on Mad Men season 6 and think it’s my favorite so far, which is saying a hell of a lot. Saw Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and thought it was goddamn perfect. Love the review on Letterboxd that starts this way:  “The Grand Budapest Hotel is the film with which Wes Anderson finally answers his critics, and the message could not be clearer or more immaculately embossed in Futura on an insert shot of the most delicate stationary: ‘Go fuck yourselves.'” Nails it.