Lost Days

Been writing about the Holiday Cocktail Lounge for a long time. First a failed novel when I was 21 and then a bunch of short stories that never went anywhere. I wrote a long essay a few years ago and junked it because it was all over the place. When I found out the Holiday had reopened under new ownership a few weeks ago, I went back to the essay, cut about ten thousand words, and wrote a bunch of new stuff. Here it is at Medium.

Also, a lost conversation I had with one of my favorite bands, Water Liars, is up at No Depression.



Magic Against Death

A couple of good friends of mine, Jimmy Cajoleas and Phil McCausland, just launched Lent Magazine, and I wrote a profile of one of my favorite bands, Water Liars, for them. Check it out here.

And check out the other great content on the site, including Jimmy’s interviews with Mary Miller and Scott McClanahan, Phil’s interviews with Cole Furlow and Manuel Gonzales, and Andy Paul’s reconsideration of The Blair Witch Project.

Here’s Water Liars doing a new song, “Tolling Bells,” from their forthcoming record. I’ve been listening to the record for the last few weeks and this is one of my favorite tracks.

And here’s a version from that same show of “Swannanoa,” which I talk about in my profile. Might just be my favorite goddamn song ever.