In the Neighborhood

I have a story, “In the Neighborhood,” in the debut issue of Lazy Fascist Review alongside work from writers I really love like Elizabeth Ellen and Juliet Escoria and interviews with greats like Tom Piccirilli and Dennis Cooper. I wrote the story over a couple of weeks when my wife, son, and I were between apartments, and Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly were nice enough to let us stay at their place while they were in Europe. It was summer, almost 100 degrees for two weeks straight. Wimbledon was on TV. Eamon was sick. I woke up at six every morning and went out to Tom’s studio and hoped for a little of his good magic. I wound up writing one of the saddest and most fucked up things I’ve ever written – set in my Brooklyn neighborhood in winter and following a drifter from his grandmother’s sad house to a dive bar to a small apartment occupied by a sloppy barfly and her quadriplegic sister. There’s a beer pairing for every story, and mine’s paired with Ruination. The magazine’s eight bucks  – That’s less than New York cigarettes.

Also out from Lazy Fascist today: Killer new books from Brian Allen Carr, Michael Seidlinger, and Noah Cicero. All writers you should check out immediately.


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