Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain’s Mississippi episode is on tonight at 9 Eastern/8 Central. You’ll see all sorts of great people on it – John T. Edge, Leo ‘Bud’ Welch, Jack Pendarvis, Tom Franklin, Wright Thompson, Chris Offutt, Megan Abbott, Ace Atkins, Derrick Harriell, Lisa Howorth, Beth Ann Fennelly, Blair Hobbs, Melissa Ginsburg, John Currence, Taariq David, Theresa Starkey Pendarvis, many more – and you might see my big dumb head in the background in one or two scenes.

Here’s Bourdain’s blog entry about the episode.

And here’s a picture from our lunch at Lamar Lounge. Not sure what I’m doing – probably holding my head up since I’d already had two espressos, a double shot of rum, and a few pints of Guinness.



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