Bound to Collapse

Dead End Follies made a list of “10 New Generation Genre Writers You Need to Read,” and I’m honored as hell to be included.

Thanks to Benoit for these kind words about my work:

“Boyle is a bit of a classicist who can harness the beauty of hardboiled and literary fiction both. His characters are complex, layered and tormented. They are built like rows of majestic buildings bound to collapse in an inevitable natural disaster.”




My new book, a story collection called Death Don’t Have No Mercy, comes out in March from Broken River Books. There’s a Kickstarter (already fully funded and into stretch goal territory now) that serves as a way of pre-ordering it and the other great books being released by Broken River, King Shot, and Ladybox. Dead End Follies gives you ten reasons to back the Kickstarter here–My book is one of them, and I’m really grateful for that.

Here’s a picture of the printed PDF galley:


And here’s Matthew Revert’s brilliant cover art:




Review of GRAVESEND at Dead End Follies

“Every reader remembers his first. The first novel that swept him off his feet and sent him stumbling into a parallel universe. It’s like a first girlfriend, it’s hard to get over, yet the very reason why you’re reading is to reproduce that feeling again. I’ve been lucky in 2014, because it happened a couple times. It wasn’t EXACTLY that feeling, but it was close. The last time it happened, I was reading Gravesend, by William Boyle. It’s a wonderful, sad, elegiac and understated novel about a community of people at the crossroads. Truth is, I felt a very particular sense of satisfaction when I’ve read Gravesend, because finding novels like that is the reason why I read.”

Floored by this really wonderful Dead End Follies review of Gravesend. Thanks so much, Benoit!